Women Upliftment

Former UN Security General Kofi Annan suggested that “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. No other policy is as likely to raise economic productivity or reduce infant or maternal mortality. No other policy is as sure to improve nutrition and promote health. No other policy is as powerful in increasing the chances of education for the next generation.” (House of Lords Library Note, LLN 2013/015, Hughes 2013).

Archis Foundation

Women across all sections of society face a slew of challenges to achieve financial stability, combined with the responsibilities of managing a family. Those challenges are exponentially harder for low-income women, many of whom do not have a partner that can share their workload and responsibilities. Or worse, they have partners that make their lives even harder. Our goal is to invest in the long-term future of these women by providing a support framework to help them achieve economic security. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the disparity between low-income women and others as many of them lost their partners and have been thrust into the role of being a sole breadwinner for their family.

Archis Foundation

The issue

Underprivileged women are disadvantaged due to several factors that include, but are not limited to – little or no education, health issues, lack or skills to be gainfully employed, lack of proper training and guidance, absence of a responsible partner, and trauma from experiencing physical or mental abuse. With the right support framework, tools and guidance, these women will the opportunity to participate in employment and economic growth, creating a stable economic future for their families. This will enable their children to get access to education and help raise the family out of poverty.

Our approach

ENLIGHTEN women to think big – recognize their value and worth
ENCOURAGE women to stand up for justice, equality and change
EMPOWER women with the necessary life-skills to be financially stable
ENABLE women to be the social change enabler in their community

This is what guides us in all our work and programs. 

We plan to partner with organizations that identify, train and mentor women based on their level of education, skills, and ability to help acquire a job that provides financial stability for them and their dependents.