Who We Are

We are founded on the principle that every individual should have the opportunity to lead a life of respect and dignity, which can be achieved through education and financial stability. We focus on underprivileged children and women to lift them out of generational poverty by providing a support framework. 
Archis is a Sanskrit word than means “ray of light
We aim to be the guiding light in their lives to help them navigate the challenges to achieve economic prosperity. 
Archis Foundation
Education: education should be accessible to all children, regardless of economic strata. Alas, education has become one of the most commercialized fields with heated competition even amongst people who can afford quality education. In this rat race, there is a large section of the population that has been forgotten and ignored. These children will be stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty forever. Archis Foundation aims to give these children a fighting chance against a world that is increasingly leaving them behind.

Archis Foundation

Women Upliftment: women have tremendous power to bring positive change to their communities, when given the opportunity. By raising children and building the foundation for future society, women are key enablers of change. While women across all sections of society continue to fight for equality and recognition, women from lower strata of society have the odds stacked up against them. We are committed to empowering economically disadvantaged women with financial stability by providing the tools, support and training needed to enable them to live with pride and dignity.