Children’s Education

Children are our future. Yet, there are countless children who are being denied a promising future due to poverty and resulting lack of access to education. By educating a child, we are not only helping the child’s family but are altering the path for future generations of that family.

Archis Foundation

The idea for Archis Foundation came from our trips to India and other developing countries where children can be seen selling books at traffic lights, at an age when they should be in school reading those books. The dire need to financially support their families overshadows the intellectual curiosity of their young minds and the innocence in their hearts. We want them to get their childhood back again – a childhood that is spent learning to read and write and engaging in activities that illumine their mind without the financial burden that comes with education.

The issue

We strongly believe that education is a life-changing tool that can lift generations out of poverty but only if it is successfully completed. There are several non-profits as well as government-led programs that are trying to enhance the quality as well as reach of education across the country.

However, an overwhelming majority of children (~73%) dropout of school during high school years due to several issues such as:

  • Inability to cope with sudden increase in standards at high school level
  • Financial constraints driving parents to pull teenaged children from school
  • Lack of clarity and guidance on potential career paths
  • Ignorance of various options / schemes / financial aid available for college

Archis Foundation

Our approach

While there are many organizations working tirelessly towards similar goals, we decided to take a different approach, i.e., focus on depth as opposed to scale. We partner with organizations in India that run dedicated programs to educate children all the way from middle school till college, increasing their chances of landing in a job with strong financial and economic prospects. This model ensures continuity in their education and provides certainty in their path to a livelihood.

Our partners focus on sustained involvement in the child’s education from high school through college.

This includes:

  • Financial and emotional support
  • Custom after-school tutoring by trained teachers
  • Soft-skills training & individualized mentorship as needed
  • Career guidance and workshops
  • Create awareness of financial aid and other options available to attend college